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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, disaster in japan, and the ground is still shaking. >> this one i would have to say right now is one of the stronger ones. >> nbc bay area's george kiriyama is in japan as the damage becomes more evidence. the tragedy in japan knows no border. a bay area family is waiting for word on a loved one caught in the disaster zone. the news starts right now. good evening. i'm diane dwyer. it is now monday afternoon in japan. and the country faces another nuclear threat. just hours ago, a second explosion at a reactor rocked northeastern japan. here are some of the latest video we're getting into the newsroom from the fukushima
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plant. so far six people have been hurt, but it's not known how much if any radiation has been released. and the number of deaths continues to rise as well. right now at least 10,000 people have died. but that will no doubt grow in the days to come. our own nbcay b area's george kiriyama is about an hour north of tokyo near the airport. he begins our coverage tonight. hello, george. >> reporter: hello, diane. good afternoon from narita just north of tokyo where we have been experiencing aftershock after aftershock, at least ten of them since last night when we arrived. definitely a couple of them on the stronger side. now we are also learning today from the japanese government that the tokyo electric power company is holding off on these rolling blackouts, but they're urging everyone to limit the electricity use. the reason for not doing these rolling blackout, it would be a major inconvenience for many of these residents, some train
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lines have been shut down to ease the pressure. the rolling blackouts could still happen, but at least for now, if every resident cuts back, these blackouts could be avoided. also this afternoon, the japanese military gave a tsunami warning off the northeastern coast at one point sirens went off and the town of soma near fukushima. and a public address system order residents to higher ground. but meteorological agency says it has not detected any tsunami. also, the shaking we felt around 10:00 a.m. local time was a 6.2 off the eastern coast of japan near ibaraki about 50 miles north of narita. the earthquakes and aftershocks have rattled enough nerves in tokyo that there are long lines of people buying up food and water at the supermarkets. many stores reporting empty shelves. live here in narita, japan. back to you, diane. >> thanks a lot, george. and just to explain, you're on a
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satellite phone. it's a little scratchy. there have been, as you mentioned, a whole lot of aftershocks there. in our 6:00 newscast actually, you felt one of those major quakes. let's listen in to that at 6:00. >> another aftershock right now. hold on. the room is shake. >> keep talking to us. >> still shaking. >> all right. >> getting stronger. it's getting stronger. this is probably one of the stronger ones -- this is similar to the one that i felt that woke us up. it's still shaking here. this one -- this one i would have to say right now is one of the stronger ones. >> okay, so george in your live interview there you were talking than. was that the one that was 6.2, or have you felt other ones as well? >> that one was a 6.2 that we just mentioned. and it would be 50 miles north of here. now it's obvious why we felt that shake. some of my colleagues from knbc, they were on the ninth floor. when i went up there a few minutes after i felt the one on
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the third floor, they said oh, yeah, they felt it. they were up in the restaurant area. windows rattling, shares rattling. >> i would assume, george, i know you haven't been to the hardest hit area yet, and obviously folks are zev stated there. are people unnerved around there? they must be nervous, on edge. it's going to be unnerving there right now. >> you know, that's a good question. you can't really tell on the exterior. a lot of people here at the hotel, especially those who work here, they're remaining as calm as they can. but if you talk to them and get them in a conversation, obviously they are expressing concern. a lot of them have friends and/or family up in that sendai-fukushima area. at least on the exterior, they're trying to act like it's business as usual, and trying to make the hotel guests as comfortable as mump as possible. diane? >> all right, thank you very much, george. in just about ten minutes, we'll go back live to george as he prepares to go to the disaster
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zone. he is also blogging about his experiences while he gathers and reports the latest events happening there. all you have to do is search george kiriyama on to get the latest from him. again, we'll go back to george in just about 15 minutes. first family, in the south bay is anxiously waiting to hear if their daughter is safe. she flew to japan the day before the earthquake hit and was visiting an area near the disaster. >> you're glued to the tv. you're glued to the computer. >> it's just amazing. >> reporter: the family of 25-year-old cannon purdy is desperate for any word she survived the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit japan three days ago. >> half the town is missing. people are unaccounted for. so there is hope that most of them got up into the hills. >> reporter: the san jose woman taught english in a port village about 100 miles northeast of sendai, one of the areas hardest hit. she moved back to california six
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months ago, but returned to japan a day before the quake to attend a graduation for some of her students. >> she was going to the schools. the schools are in the highlands. they put them there on purpose. if she wasn't distracted, she got to the school. >> reporter: the last contact purdy made was with friends in japan. she senta text message an hour before the earth shook, saying she was headed to see her kids. >> i'm pretty confident that she is in the school. she is doing heroic work with her children. yeah. i'm pretty sure. >> reporter: with communication down across the country, getting word on the welfare of loved ones isn't easy. >> there is a lot we're trying to do on twitter to intercept people that have reached minamisanriku, which for a listening time was inaccessible. >> reporter: cannon's sister is glued to the computer, using social media to get information.
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>> there is also a page maintained by the red cross that has a list of all the missing. and we're just waiting for the status report next to her name to change from missing to alive, like it has for some of these other folks. >> reporter: the whole family says they have adjusted their lives to japan time, trying to sleep during the day and getting up in the afternoon to check for updated information. they feel they have the most hope of hearing from canon during that time. >> they're in a real bad way, the entire country. and, you know, we want our daughter back. but everybody wants their daughter back. everybody wants their son to be okay. so i just hope they're all helping each other. and that we hear. >> reporter: in san jose, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. and in japan, there are many small towns along the northeastern coast that were just about wiped out. in one such town, official says one out of every two people living there is now dead. and as crews search for survivors, they also deal with
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not only the aftershocks, but additional tsunami warnings as well. here is alex thompson with more from the disaster zone. >> reporter: the offshore islands and the beaches were renowned. minamisanriku itself famed for its festivals across. nour one date, friday march 11, 2011. the day minamisanriku was obliterated. the destruction here they say worse than anywhere else in japan. 95% of the town gone. and all by a huge tsunami of 30 or 40 feet. it plowed over the roofs of these four-story tower blocks. squads of police continue the retrieval process. but hardly anybody here appeared to be look for survivors. as if this town hasn't suffered
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enough, it's frankly -- well, the pictures tell their own story. it's puller have ides. right now we're being told to get out because they're saying there is another tsunami alert. so as you can see, we've got to go. between such alarms, they wander back during the day. some bewildered. others pragmatic, but all simply dwarved by this. there is no hospital here. that's gone. so serious injuries must be flown out with the japanese defense force. the waiting can be simple, undignified, even, but there is a real sense of a community pulling together in all of this. an astonishment that the outside world should care. at the school, a woman hugged us and said i can't believe you've come all the way from england for this.
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pulling together too behind the school gym. delicate work this, the bureaucracy of death. identifying bodies and sending them on for their funerals. this is a small town. they know these people. and should you wonder why so many are missing, presumed dead when the town had 30 minutes' warning between quake and tsunami, the answer is in the terrain. hemmed in to a steep valley north, south, and west, the one road out was quickly jammed. as the 40-foot wave began coming n. >> again, that was alex thompson from the bbc reporting. for the latest continuing coverage on the disaster in japan from our reporter george kiriyama live on the scene, our team of reporters around the world are updating the website with the latest breaking information on and our coverage is not over yet. the race to get control of the nuclear situation is coming up. we talk to a san rafael man who just escaped the radiation zone. plus, the satellite images
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that show the vast scope of devastation in japan. we'll bring you those next as well. and we'll also go back to george kiriyama live. plus, in other news -- >> i'm monte francis live in concord, where work is now underway to save the morning commute for thousands of bart riders. i'll tell you what went wrong, what is being done to fix the problem, and when it could be fixed. and i'm rob mayeda. tracking thundershowers rolling threw bay area, and the weather may also very much be affecting your morni as well details and the changes in your forecast, when we come right back. the internet on a plane! are you from the future? um, no. cleveland. listen cleveland, your savings account is stuck in the past! earn more with interestplus savings at
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earthquake hit japan, we're still seeing new pictures showing dramatic rescues as well. take a look at this. crews rescued three elderly residents in natori after the force of the tsunami buried their car. they apparently had been trapped in the car for more than 20 hours. we're told they've been taken to the hospital for treatment and are doing very well. we'll have more from japan coming up in just a few moments. in other news tonight, in the east bay, bart crews are racing against the clock. they're trying to get bart up and running again by the monday morning coute. two cars derailed in concord this morning, and it's taking time to repair the area. nbc bay area's monte francis is in concord for us with an update. monty? >> reporter: diana, a bart spokesman says he is optimistic that service will be restored in time for the morning commute. as you can see behind me here, the work is still underway. at least one of the derailed cars is still near the tracks. now once the derailed cars are off the tracks, repairs still have to be made to the tracks themselves.
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at this point there is no estimate on how long that could take. maintenance crews are working against the clock, and bart says their work will go on all night long if necessary to prevent the kind of delays passengers have already experienced. >> and we got to come all the way over here again to get on the other bus going to our house. and so this is really tough for us. >> we're going to make sure that we throw everything that we can at making the morning commute flawless. >> reporter: the trouble started at about 9:20 a.m. when a train bound for san francisco international airport derailed just after it left the concord station. bart official says the train with 65 passengers on board was traveling at a slow rate of speed when the last two cars came off the tracks. three people were taken to the hospital with minor back injuries. everyone else was all right and evacuated safely. crews were doing some work on nearby tracks at the time, but at this point a cause for the accident is not clear.
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with no train service east of pleasant hill, passengers were bussed between the pleasant hill and pittsburgh bay point bart stations. if the repairs aren't finished in time during the morning commute, bart plans to run trains between pittsburgh bay point and concord, and then run buses between concord and pleasant hill. but bart readily admit there's won't be enough buss to accommodate everyone. >> i think it's going to affect a lot of people. i commute to san francisco every day for work. and it's going to affect everyone. i'm going plan to call in sick for work if they don't have this fixed. and it's just a disaster. >> reporter: we're back here live in concord where just in the last few seconds, the massive crane has lifted one of the cars off the tracks. they seem to be make some progress. now about 10,000 commuters depend on this line to get to work in the morning. the first trains of the morning commute run at 3:30 a.m. so crews have about four hours to get this all done. for the latest updates of course you can check our website,
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don't forget today in the bay starts at 4:30 tomorrow morning. live in concord, monte francis, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, monty. and now to our continuing coverage of the disaster in japan. we're going to go live to narita and talk with our own george kiriyama in just a minute. right now we want to go to meteorologist rob mayeda, though, who has brand-new images from nasa that show the scope of the devastation. >> we've been watching these in the newsroom. a little bit of silicon valley technology that really allows us to look almost block bylock before and after the event as we take a look at some of the pictures which you'll be able to see. one side, that's before. you can see all the crops and field there's. as you can see as that tsunami swept in, how it just scoured the landscape. all signs of civilization really disappearing. you can see how densely the coastal areas near sendai were, and there you see block by block as that tsunami blasted inland seven miles. you can see how all those
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neighborhoods and streets, that's how it looked before. and then after as the tsunami came plowing through. incredible high resolution photography there from nasa. showing you before and after and very dramatic fashion. now as we take a look at our own weather here around the bay area tonight, if you were out and about, you probably noticed some pretty intense thunderstorms. we're still seeing a few around napa and fairfield at this hour. the east bay seeing a few scattered showers. san jose really not seeing a whole lot now. but around morgan hill and gilroy, you are one running into some rain. we're going to leave in a little more rain for the south bay, affecting your morning drive. and then the afternoon we'll be watching out for these big waves heading to the coast. storm-driven surf up to about 15 feet. as we roll into your tuesday morning commute, plan on a little more rain. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. but bigger changing comes up to an adjusted seven-day forecast which we'll get to in just a second. tomorrow's highs pretty much where we are today. we'll have a few morning rain showers for the santa clara valley and the south bay. as we head through the afternoon, highs mid-60s.
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again, for san jose, rung a little cooler as we move further north. 62 degrees around kentfield. 65 for oakland. heading into the north bay, highs in the 50s to low 60s. so we'll see a little more rain now than we expected for your commute tomorrow for the south bay. should catch a break for the afternoon. and then for friday and saturday now, snow levels maybe as low as 3,000 feet. so the weather here still staying quite active. >> thank you very much, rob. we want to go back now to japan and nbc bay area's george kir rama who is in narita north of tokyo. he is preparing to head to the disaster zone. george, what can you tell us? >> yeah, that's the big decision coming up now is the drive up to the sendai area. where the most of the damage that you have seen on television. we've been watching it here in japan, watching the around-the-clock coverage. seeing entire neighborhoods literally washed away. we see piles of rubble, piles of metal, wood, broken concrete. and just seeing some of the faces of those affected.
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the tears and emotion coming from some of the families who have lost loved ones. that's where we'll be heading either some time tonight or the first thing tomorrow morning. we have secured a driver who is going to help us drive into the location. we're hearing right now it's about an eight to ten-hour drive. now in normal circumstance, it should take maybe three to four hours. but because of what has happened, with the earthquake and the tsunami after that, it's going to be an eight to ten-hour drive. we're kind of concerned about the gasoline situation because some of my fellow journalists, some of my fellow friends who are in the area right now are having a hard time finding enough gas to go on. they literally are standing or sitting in lines for six to seven hours just to fill up their tank. and in some cases have, been turned away because while the gas station either closed or they ran out of gas. so that is some of the challenges we will be facing soon as we leave from narita to the fukushima and the sendai
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area. diane? >> all right, thank you very much, george. we'll of course be checking in with you throughout the next wreh of days and onackitli clea r bhtmoack with re o omoe nusin tuatiotuin japan as well. go! go! completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. but i like having a lot more
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so i used mine, to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. a second explosion at a toy isnu n today is causing even more concern there. we'll have more when we come back.
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a second explosion at a nuclear power plant in japan is causing even more concern about the possibility of a full reactor meltdown. the hydrogen blast occurred just a few hours ago inside one of the reactors at the fukushima nuclear plant. bay area native adam schneider
11:26 pm
is in japan for business. >> after the first reactor had an explosion, it was unknown what the damage was or what the situation was. since i needed to go to osaka anyway, i left. i thought it would be a good time to get out. because if there was really a problem, it would not be possible to leave tokyo with the amount of people that live there. >> despite the explosions, japanese officials say bh e o the reactor's containment vessels remain intact. good night.
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and now an nbc bay area editorial. >> it's no surprise that political revolts in the mid east have spiked our gas prices. what is surprising is after four years of wrangling, california still has no renewable energy mandate for the future. i'm suzanne shaw, editorial director. the goal of our current law will be met this year with 20% renewable power in our electricity. so what is next?
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we believe that senator schmiddian's new bill calling for 33% renewables by 2020. california rich in renewable energy. the bay area has often led environmental reforms with broad public support. and with our venture capitalists ready to build a green economy, we can lead the nation away from foreign oil and build a greener future for this state. we need our legislators and our governor to pass senate bill 2 x. agree or disagree, tell what's you think. nbc
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good evening, and welcome to "sports sunday." i'm laurence scott. get those brackets done before you go to bed, because the tournament starts on tuesday. >> that's right. i'm justin allen. and the big question, will those brackets include a team from the bay area. >> well, this year it's a field of 68, with four play-in games, and no bay area teams are in the field of 68, justin. one has a real gripe. and we'll get to that in a matter of moments. >> yes, we will. and the ace hideki matsui playing with the heavy heart, played with a big bat at spring training. we'll hear from him. plus, the san jose earthquakes start a new season this week. saturday in santa clara they haute real salt lake. we talk what is to head with head coach frankie. a nice conversation helping get you ready. but first, the snub that has folks in moraga tonight scratching their heads. >> one of the most exciting days ol


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